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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

Win Stuff. / Where are you? / Ask the Pro!

Nov 29, 2005

Want to Win an Otterbox Case?
1) E-Mail me at Tell me why you desearve a new case
2) Leave a post on the blog page. Just click on “Comments” and leave a message
3) Go to and leave a message for Simplystu

Tell me where you listen to SimplyStu

Nov 29, 2005

Come along on a swim workout and run. Want to ask a top triathlete a question? Win an Otterbox case.

Nov 25, 2005

Win a case from Come along on a 5k Thanksgiving Day run!

Nov 10, 2005

The ultimate interview. Meet Frank Farrar. Get motivated. A must for all triathletes.

Coming Soon

Nov 4, 2005

Don’t miss the ultimate interview with Frank Farrar!  The ultimate in motivation.  The 76 year old 24 time Ironman, Former SD Governor, and Cancer Survivor.


Want to be on the show?  Call and talk about a race, your team, or an interesting story. Go to, and leave a voicemail to...