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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

It is time!

Aug 31, 2006

The word is out.  Come with us on this journey!!!! 

The start of a journey is often scary. It is often the hardest part. To say you want to do something is easy, but to put your plan into action is far different. The road may be clouded, the sky may be dark, but the journey is well worth it. Think of what you will feel...

This is why!

Aug 25, 2006

The 2003 Ironman was a magical race. It was amazing in every way. I trained the best I knew how. I did everything right. I worked hard, never missed a workout, and loved every moment of the training. It was an adventure of a lifetime.

Just a few weeks before the race, the wall came crashing down. It was during my LAST...

Ironman Wisconsin "Training With Power" Clinic

Aug 21, 2006

- Allen Lim PhD - Floyd Landis's Training Advisor
- Jamie Cleveland Ironman Florida Champion
- Heather Haviland Pro Triathlete

Come on.  Are you kidding?  100% Free.  Come join us!

- Training for Triathlon with Power Presented by Simply Stu and CycleOps Power

The Madison Concourse Hotel in...

Aug 20, 2006

The RUN portion of the Ironman Wisconsin route is complete and ready to download. At first I was going to send out as a complete DVD, but after several requests, I will put out the run video just as I did the swim and bike portion. It takes you past each foot of the 26.2 miles. I hope you enjoy the video. Also, if you...